Improving my Life as a Student

Students initiate their own improvement. Forcing it upon the student will not work. I focused on routine and applied Maslow’s hierarchy of needs to my own life. I will compare and contrast some chaotic parts of my life with the structured life I have built for school.
When I lived in China I was married and never had any kids. Money became an issue as our marriage progressed. I found myself in a deteriorating rut. A medical doctor urged me to get treatment for depression. The anti-depressants improved my life. I focused on more tasks without feeling depressed. The days became balanced and I went back to work on my career and relationships.

When my work visa expired and I was unable to renew it for another year I stretched the rest of my money by taking a train ride across China to Kazakhstan for another adventure. I arrived in Urumqi, China and learned the transfer train ran out of tickets and a chaotic feeling churned in me. I did not want to spend the night there . I received the address for a bus company that does Urumqi, China to Almaty, Kazakhstan from a helpful hotel employee. I grabbed a taxi, and made a mad dash for the bus depot. I ran up to the bus exiting the terminal and banged on the door as if my life depended on it. The driver stopped the bus and informed me another bus would depart in ten minutes. I ran into the depot paid the depot worker, and he guided me to the second bus. I sat on the bus. That night was the most humid night I ever experienced. My fellow passengers and I could barely breathe let alone sleep throughout the night. Leaving China was a chaotic experience, and I do not wish for chaos in my life as I grow older in Illinois.

After spending two weeks inside Kazakhstan I learned why I hate authoritarian societies, I left for a year sabbatical in Eastern Europe and spent a a. Life was going nowhere for me. I needed to get my life back on track, so returned to America. When I arrived in central Illinois, there were no prospects for me. My work history was no help in the area I relocated to. I was without transportation and savings, so I took a minimum wage job.. The most realistic scenario was to go to school to earn a degree in my work experience. I made a plan to achieve this by quitting my minimum wage job, using my tax return to visit my father and bring back his old truck.

I enrolled in school, and took a decent job in Mattoon, IL that enables me to go to college. I built a routine based on one week at a time. I worked Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. Then I go to school on Tuesday and Thursday. Wednesday was an auxiliary day for work or school. Friday was a day to lay around the house and do homework, so to make it much easier I started using additional services, this page can help write my thesis paper safe and with its help I had more time to relax and do the rest of my homework. I took care of my physiological and safety needs, so now I needed to work on my relationships, and esteem . I saved self-actualization for a few years down the road.

I have split my goals. Short-term for the current company I work at and long-term for my own business I am trying to form. I currently work at Rural King in the Charleston, Il warehouse. I like that the work speed conforms to my work habits and I do not have a manager breathing down my neck. The job provides an excellent work routine for me, being three days on and four days off. I attempt to work on my esteem at work. If I get a supervisor position I will receive more respect and that will come into play later on in my own business. My long-term goal is building an e-commerce website called Valuegrab. To me, that is the final step of self-actualization, by utilizing all the years of work and schooling to develop your own business. I owe all the success I currently having a good routine and implementing a Maslow’s hierarchy of needs to prevent depression.

I only want to use this routine for four years. When I grow into my own business and relationship, I will develop new methods from working week to week. I will also teach my future kids how a good work ethic and routine will enable anyone to achieve their dreams.

I take each week at a time scheduling out a good routine. Trying to get plenty of sleep, so I perform well at work. I used the memories of the chaotic times in my life as an example of what not to do. I try and analyze what causes depression and focus on those issues directly by applying Maslow’s work to my own life. The motivation comes from the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, my own business, and a family.