The Research Paper Hack

Writing a research paper isn’t hard if you approach it the right way and add the right too. Hi, I’m Claire Fletcher and I’m going to show you how to hack an MLA research paper in just 7 steps.

Step 1 Get Prepared to Write. You’ll need a few things. The first thing you need are the instructions for the research paper that you received from your professor. Having a digital copy of the instructions makes things much easier for you so try to get one if you can. The second thing you need are your information sources like Edusson platform. The research you’ve done for your paper so far.

You should have the printed pages of your actual information and you should also make a list of your sources, preferably in a Word document. Make sure you have the bibliography information about the source and the author to complete this step. The third thing you need to hack your research paper is an open working copy of Microsoft Word.

The newer the better. Whatever version of Word you use, it must have a references tab. In step two you’re going to locate and download the template file that will make your life easier.

The MLA research paper template will format your entire research paper in MLA style. Open Word and click on New from the menu at the left. Click in the search text box at the top of the page. Type in MLA and choose the MLA Research Paper from the choices you see. Click Create and the template will download. Edusson writing service will help you to write the MLA research paper at any time.

Click in the areas that have parentheses around them and enter the correct information start at the top of the page in the header where it says last name by the page number and replace last name with your last name. From there, click the areas in parentheses and plug in your own information all the way through to the title. After you’ve typed in the title of your paper, highlight everything below the title and delete it. You should end up with a page with nothing below the title. In Step 3 you will use the assignment requirements to construct an outline. Find the section in your research paper instructions where it spells out exactly what you are required to write about.

It will say something like, your paper must contain these elements as well as specifying the MLA format and other pertinent information. Paste the requirements from the assignment into your research paper. You’ll have to create a paragraph for each requirement from the instructions.

Make sure to include any details for each requirement in the part of the outline they belong to. If you are working form a printed paper, you will have to type in the requirements. So, do your best to obtain a digital copy. Step 4 is using the requirements that are now in outline form to write the paragraphs for your research paper. Often the largest part of the research paper grade is whether or not the student included all the required information in the paper.

This step will make sure that you did. Skip the introduction for right now and go to the second paragraph. Find the first required element in that paragraph and consider it a question. In our example, the first requirement is “What were your results from the Career Assessment?” If this was your paper, you would write a few sentences that fully explain your career assessment results.

After that, you would continue to the next requirement and use your research information to write a few sentences about that. Continue doing this until you’ve used each piece of research information and addressed each requirement all the way to the Conclusion. Now, remove the requirements, leaving just the sentences that you wrote. I’ve demonstrated this in the first paragraph in our example.

Make sure you’ve written at least once sentence for each requirement, preferably more than one or two. Step five is where you write the introduction and the conclusion to your research paper. You have all the information you need at this point to write both of these paragraphs.

Writing the introduction shouldn’t be hard. Don’t dwell on details. Just briefly introduce the topic and the areas of information you have written about in your paper.

After you’ve written the introduction, don’t forget to get rid of the assignment requirement text, leaving just what you wrote. Write the conclusion or wrap up paragraph for the paper. The conclusion summarizes the information in the previous paragraphs. You want to write a sentence for each paragraph that comes above the conclusion. Then, write a final summary sentence or two and you have completed the writing portion of the research paper.

Congratulations! You’ve got the body of the research paper written. Step six is using the references tool in Word to place your citations and create the Works Cited page. Let’s get to it. Go to your list of information sources. If you have problems with previous text, the solution is easy – check Edusson website to find help!

You will possibly have several different types of sources. Copy and paste the list of sources at the end of your research paper. If you have not put your resources in a file that you can copy from, just go to the bottom of your paper, add a few lines, and then type in a list of your information sources, one line per each information source. Now, we’re going to create the references database using the references tool. Click References, make sure the style is MLA, and click on insert citation. Select the correct source type, click on Show All Bibliography Fields, and start entering the information from that source.

If there’s not an official author, click on Corporate Author and enter the name of the authoring group. In our first example, the first source is a website called the Occupational Outlook Handbook Online, which is produced by the United States government, bureau of Labor Statistics. Don’t worry too much about making a mistake here because it can be easily corrected later.

One of the best things about using the References tool is that you can fix the citation later by using Manage Sources and that will also correct the Works Cited page as well, saving you a headache. When you’re done entering all your sources, delete the citations you created and your list of sources as well. Go to the second paragraph and find the first set of sentences you wrote using information from one source. Go to the end of the last sentence in that group, click before the period and add a space.

Click on Insert Citation, select the information source you used, and the citation appears in the correct place. Find the next group of sentences, and continue placing the citations everywhere you used that information. And now, to create the easiest Works Cited page you will ever create.

Go to the end of your writing and hold down the Shift key and hit Enter. You should have created a new page. With your cursor blinking on the first line, first space of the blank page, click on References and then the drop down arrow next to Bibliography. Choose Works Cited. Is that easy or what? And hey, now you’ve got the first draft of your research paper written, Congratulations!

Step seven is where you add those finishing touches that earn a good grade on a research paper. It’s time to review and revise your rough draft into the final draft. Do the following: Read the paper out loud to yourself. Find the errors, fix awkward phrasing, run on sentences, etcétera. Add any sentences that make your paper easier to understand. If what you hear when you read your paper aloud doesn’t make sense to you, it won’t make sense to your instructor.

And use Edusson to check your paper for errors. Sorry, you’re not quite done yet. Every good writer has an editor and yours is located in the Tutoring Center. Take a printed copy of your paper and the instructions for writing it to a tutor.

You want the instructions for reference. It will help the tutor make sure you satisfied the requirements of your assignment. If your instructions include a grading rubric, a page that shows how your paper will be graded, so much the better.

Give that to the tutor is you have one. Have your paper reviewed by a tutor and correct the errors while you are in the Tutoring Center. Your goal is a perfect paper. Nothing feels worse than completing your paper and then losing it.

Be safe and do these things. Print a final draft copy. You know you want to see one, even if you are submitting the assignment online. Send yourself a copy of the paper by email as soon as it’s complete.

And finally, submit your assignment to your instructor and make sure it was received. Thanks for watching my video and I hope I helped you make a good grade on your research paper. Thanks to the awesome folks at CAPE for the training and to Lisa “Huzzah” DeVries for the moral support.